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Your Creative Coworking Space

For Creatives | By Creatives
CO|LAB is more than a desk and a WiFi connection. We are a community of seasoned creatives that knows what makes a vibrant coworking space, and we all work together to create the best experience possible.
Central Location | Beautiful Space
CO|LAB is a one of a kind creative coworking space in San Antonio. Our adaptive facility can meet any variety of needs, and it is especially suited to serve San Antonio’s creatives with professional photo and video resources, with ample space for shoots and a built-in cyclorama.
Affordable | Accessible
Providing accessibility and positive energy for all of San Antonio’s creatives is our priority. Memberships are more than competitive with other collaborative workspaces; even at the entry-level, CO|LAB offers features found nowhere else for prices you can definitely afford.

CO LAB: An affordable, accessible coworking space for artistic entrepreneurs.

Securing a physical space for your passion is an intimidating ordeal. The challenges only begin with finding the perfect location, waiting for a lease approval, and budgeting for monthly rent. Even after that hurdle is cleared, you’re still tasked with outfitting your space with supplies, furnishings, and interior designs – not to mention the responsibility to set up Wi-Fi, water, electricity, and other utilities.

CO|LAB removes all of these obstacles by consolidating the needs of a common core, combining memberships that tackle costs together at a fraction of each would pay alone. With one simple, low price, you not only have 24/7 access to a secure and stocked workspace – all without the worry of paying utilities and extra bills, nor the stress of maintaining and managing the space.

Best of all, you get a full complement of new coworkers with a variety of experience, knowledge, and skills to draw upon and, as we like to think, a family.

We want the artist to have a space where 100% of the focus is on their work and what they love to do!

Coworking Space in San Antonio TX

Our Coworking Space

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